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Laser Tag Indoor Rock Climbing!
Laser Tag!

Laser Tag at Big Adventure

Laser Tag offers all the excitement of fierce competition with one exception... at the end, everybody is still friends and nobody gets hurt!

Remember how much fun you had playing tag as a kid? Laser tag is a great way to work off some energy in a high tech but time honored tradition

Laser tag involves donning a "vest" which is connected to a "phaser". The phaser emits a laser beam which is a completely harmless stream of light.When the beam strikes predetermined areas of an opponents vest, you are rewarded a point. Sound simple? Not exactly. Everyone is accorded the same amount of ammunition. If you fire away randomly, you'll soon run out of ammunition and become easy prey. If you're careful and score on your tags you are rewarded with additional ammunition. Also, there's a location in the arena (no, I won't tell you where) that has the ability to recharge your weapon, if you can linger there long enough without getting caught.  If you're unfortunate enough to get tagged, you will be powerless to fire your weapon for a while so find a good place to hide!

A game of laser tag lasts about 15 minutes. As the end of the game is announced, the phasers are disabled and players return to the vesting room. As all the points are recorded by computer, the scores are tabulated and sent to the results board for all to see.

Who can play? At the Adventure Center as few as two and as many as 24 can play at one time.  Players are broken into teams to make it even more fun. Our arena is designed to be accessible to the physically handicapped. For children under 7 years old who really want to play, we recommend being "walked through" by an adult before participating. Although safe and fun, the arena is dark. Unsure about your child? We'd be happy to walk them through the arena before the game to see if they'll be comfortable with playing.

Even better than scoring points is the laser tag arena itself. We've worked hard at the adventure center to bring you an imaginative and creative atmosphere for your gaming experience. The arena and everything in it are dark to enhance your hiding ability. The addition of black lights, an eerie fog and pulse pounding music all contribute to the excitement.

Visit www.bigadventure.com for all the details!

Indoor Rock Climbing!

The Big Adventure Climbing Wall is Open!!

The Climbing Wall or (Rock Gym as it is often called) is built to recreate the geological patterns and crevices that could actually be found in a natural setting. It even looks like a real mountainside with the addition of color coded hand and footholds to help you follow specific routes.

Never been to a real climbing wall before? Don't worry! Every new climber gets a lesson in belay training. Climbers work in teams and are secured in a harness for protection from a fall. However, it won't seem like much when you're 25 feet in the air and hanging on at a 45 degree angle!

Almost anyone can do some of the easier surfaces. But if you want to try some of the more challenging climbs you'll have to bring all of your strength and dexterity. Be prepared for an exciting and exhausting day.

And by the way. The climbing wall is inside and not subject to nasty weather. 

You can spend the whole day at the climbing wall for as little as $12!  Click here for complete pricing info!


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